NFL Draft Likely On The Move

Updated: June 7, 2014

By Michael Licata

The NFL had entertained ideas of moving its annual draft. Radio City Music Hall has informed the league that its full in April and May. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told reporters that the league is focusing on Chicago, Los Angeles and New York as locations for the draft. They've also looked into expanding the event to four days. The league might focus on Madison Square Garden, but it would be difficult to put on a three-day event with the Knicks and Rangers schedule. Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have also been asked to present any and all information to the league. A report also stated they asked to move the draft to late April, with it spilling into May.

The May 8-10th draft held this year was too late for teams. They told the commissioner's office it wasn't enough time to develop players and integrate draftees into the system. Television made the draft and its latest was the most-watched in history. Moving is a solid way to generate interest in other towns and it should be a great NFL showcase.

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